What Contributes to a Successful Virtual Event?

Who does not want a successful virtual event? The majority of businesses, small or big, would like their events to be successful, particularly when they are taking the plunge and shifting to virtual.

Before the pandemic, when a lot of parts of the world were simply exploring virtual events, a report by “Grand View Research” valued the worldwide virtual events market at almost $79 billion. And that was in 2019.

Now that being remote or at home is the new norm, you can look forward to this industry to grow even more – and quickly.

With this expansion, a lot of businesses are experimenting with what works wonders for them and what does not. But not every business has got the budget or time to experiment. That is the reason we have created the list of several tips to help you make the virtual event a success.

Clear audio & video

It is no secret that having clear audio and video is a key to success for virtual events. After all, attendees are not going to meet you for real so their major attention is what you are saying. The audio needs to be wonderful whether the sessions are live-streamed or pre-recorded. So, test out audio of the speaker in advance.

Having a good camera and internet connection to make sure that your face is not distorted is a close second to clear audio. Again, attendees are not going to see you personally, which means they need to see you as best they can.

Be on time

You, the event organizer, and the speakers need to be punctual for the sessions. In fact, we recommend that speakers pop in and test their audio and camera ahead of time. This even helps attendees connect the moment they join.

Being an organizer, your support team needs to be present and ready.

Easy registration process

Although the event is in a virtual setting, having a simple-to-use registration form and process is necessary.

At NxtShow, we understand the significance of data and we customize the registration form to get the most out of the data you need to collect and to empower the AI matchmaking process.

Promising customer support

Your support team is the warrior in a virtual event. It needs to be available before, during, and after the event, offering support to attendees, speakers, and sponsors. It needs to keep up with everything that is taking place in the event.

Offer clear supporting content

You need to produce different kinds of content when it comes to a virtual event and conference. The vital content bits that you need to mull over include:

The main topic of the event
The sub-topics included in each track
The description that follows each topic
A short biography for each speaker
Your company’s About section

How can Flagship help you?

NxtShow by Flagship is the very first multilingual virtual event platform that can help you to reach the target audience, localize the event content in more than a single language, and select multiple instantaneous subtitles of the conference session content.

For more details, approach Flagship today!

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