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Creatopia talents platform

Dubai and region's first talent hub designed and developed from ground up to support the creative economy of the UAE.
Client: Dubai Culture and Art Authority - Dubai
Platform: Website/iOS/Android

BSOE Bee’ah

Buiding the school awareness and educational platform with its dynamic interactive lessons for the Middle East’s fastest growing environmental management company
Client: Bee'ah - Sharjah
Platform: Website/iOS/Android

The Young Author

Inline with the reading initiative by the ruler of the UAE, Flagship Projects developed a very engaging edutainment tool allowing children to learn eight constructive skills, writing, drawing, photography, layout, printing, reading and sharing while they are playing a game using a tablet or a desktop.

BOOK FAIR Point of Sale (POS)

ADABOOK is a smart solution for publishers who participates in book fairs and other event to sell their books, it solves a critical problem by operating in an offline mode after being connected the first time to the internet, it's integrated with a dashboard to manage content and monitor sales, it can be easily integrated with the book fair's main system during the event.

Platform: Web/Android

mSurvey - UAE government 

Developing the official UAE government feedback and survey management platform hosted at the local server of the country.
Client: Telecommunication Regulatory Authority - TRA of UAE
Platform: Website/iOS/Android

Reward programs

As part of its CSR strategy to instill the act of recycling in every resident of the UAE, Bee’ah has launched the Bee’ah Rewards program. This new program aims to incentivize recycling by rewarding lucky winners every month, with exciting prizes. At the heart of the program, lies the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) which members of the public can use to recycle their used plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Each time a recyclable is deposited, the RVM issues a receipt with a unique barcode, which the user scans through the Bee'ah mobile application, qualifying them to enter the Bee'ah Rewards monthly draw.