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For those who want to STAY in business!

Welcome to this outstanding Universal Application for feedback management. If you work in retail, Events, restaurants, outlets, government, corporations, malls, etc. and want to measure you customers' experience and feedback, Starticman is the right solution for you. StarticMan is the ultimate form management solution allowing you to create, design forms and get results INSTANTLY, dynamically inserting unlimited number of questions with an unlimited number of answer possibilities.

How it works!

1. Ability to take forms online/offline
2. Create and edit forms that fits all your needs
3. Download/Buy ready-made templates
4. Create questions as; short text, long text, radio button, checkbox, star rating, etc.
5. Design a header banner for each form
6. Instant result viewing when users fill and submit your form
7. Export results to PDF/CSV and send them by email
8. Settings view to control if you want to force your users to fill their name and email.
9. Auto-Login feature for privacy security
10. Directly download/ check how your designed form looks like to the user
11. Ability to secure and generate password-protected forms
12. Duplicate forms, Change Question Type, Attach image to questions
13. Caching possibility to enable viewing last updated forms in offline mode
14. Locations map for collected forms
15. Share results over the Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Email)
16. Edit feature to allow users sort their forms, questions, and answer labels
17. Search feature to easily search via the forms
18. Custom Alert views in the layout