We specialize in designing unique, creative exhibition booths that stand out in the minds of your attendees. With a focus on visitor experience, our stands will convey your brand message in a creative and cohesive manner.

With several years of experience in design and execution of exhibition booths, our team crafts creative and personalized booth designs with expertise and innovation.

Tell us how you want your booth to look like, and we’ll make it happen.

Get a quote and have your vision come to life.


We specialize in manufacturing and constructing exhibition stands from scratch. Built with the utmost respect for the environment, our designs are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Manufactured with various materials including tension fabric & aluminium frames, our exhibition booths are easy to dismantle, store and reuse. This translates into cost-effective solutions that is light on the pocket but heavy on impact.

Looking for highly innovative and cost-effective exhibition stand solutions? Click Here.



We provide complete logistics service to help you with everything from shipping and storage to maintaining and rebuilding your exhibition stand. You can be assured that your exhibition stand is safe and in perfect condition at all times.

By following proper waste disposal protocol established by the Dubai Municipality, we comply with the rules involved in disposing or recycling of materials used in your stand.

For seamless execution of your exhibition, get in touch with our team.

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