free responsive website templates brings together selfie and postcard to create a short video with an amazing zoom-out effect. This video starts with the close-up picture and ends on the whole panorama behind.

Panoramic selfie makes people go WOW and - most importantly - it makes them want to share it, thus generating a social recommendation for you. solution can be implemented almost anywhere: on events, in cities, attractions, theme parks, museums, cruise ships, resorts or other beautiful locations that you can think of.

360 Video and photography tour

Creating a virtual tour with 360 video and photo shooting for your event will help you document and sustain the limited event time in an interested interactive way as long as you are posting the tour on your digital asset be it on mobile or a website.

Augmented Reality roadshow

The first Augmented Reality roadshow for a UAE government department to target youth at shopping malls, schools and parks to edutain them about conservation tips through a very engaging tool on tablets.

Cover page star photo booth

Philips Middle East wanted to launch their international campaing "Look Hot everyday" with a twist of localization because of the regions cultural sensitive so we've came up with a solution to overcome the challenge of using the international "Hot" models and personalized the campaign visuals to the target audience himself.
Client: Philips ME
Market: UAE

Exhibition Augmented Reality

Developing an exceptional experience by merging the physical gallery with the virtual world to give the visitor of the Dubai Calligraphy Exhibition a unique opportunity to collect additional information about what they actually view live.
Client: Dubai Culture and Art Authority
Market: UAE