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Content, the soul of communication!

Content is the fuel that maintains a steady flow through your communication channels, keeping your business channels active and engaging.
Whether you are communicating digitally, offline or both, having the right mix of content components (being textual or visual) shall enriches your approach and help you reach out for your different market segments and target audience.

Character design and animation

Creating brand characters in 2D, 3D, still and animated to act as the brand ambassador for certain age groups and for different messages delivery.

Ministry of Education in KSA film production

In a milestone of showcasing its achievements Flagship Projects had been commissioned to create this documentary film about the past, present and future of education in the Kingdom, the footage had been taken in different parts of the Arab world including Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Client: Ministry of Education in KSA
Market: Regional


Film shooting and videography using Drone, a creative practical way to caputre and document sites and venues from the air allowing you to promot and communicate your business in eagle's eye view!