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What are the Sustainable exhibition booth/solutions in 2022?

Today, it is self-evident that trade exhibits are not compatible. Even a single exhibition stand requires a significant number of resources and a variety of materials, so it is no surprise that events such as trade shows, business exhibits, and conferences generate large garbage. Sustainability is no longer a choice and it

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A Guide To Hybrid Events Best Practices

Because of a variation in the setting, there is a gap in the experience the in-person and remote audiences will have. Your job, being a host, is to bridge this gap to deliver a flawless, interactive event for both audiences. This can be done using the best hybrid event platform. In order

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What Contributes to a Successful Virtual Event?

Who does not want a successful virtual event? The majority of businesses, small or big, would like their events to be successful, particularly when they are taking the plunge and shifting to virtual. Before the pandemic, when a lot of parts of the world were simply exploring virtual events, a report by

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4 Ways Hybrid Event Can Benefit You

The previous year has experienced a new trend in the event planning industry with hybrid events. They’ve got a lot to offer, with the best of both virtual and physical events in one place. Such events are known to offer various benefits to all parties involved. No matter if you are simply

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