Bayanat’s Chinese New Year

Bayanat's Chinese New Year - Carnival of Fun and Festivities


Bayanat, Abu Dhabi

Bayanat, an Abu Dhabi-based global leader in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, is dedicated to propelling human progress through cutting-edge AI solutions. With a reputation for excellence in data analytics and AI, Bayanat offers industry-leading solutions that have made them a trusted partner in the UAE and the MENA region.


A Carnival Celebration

Bayanat wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style, inviting their employees, partners, and families to a grand evening of fun and festivities. The event aimed to create a vibrant atmosphere where everyone could come together and enjoy a memorable evening.

giant dart ball


A Spectacular Outdoor Carnival Experience

The client’s vision for the event was – an outdoor carnival-style celebration that would captivate individuals and families alike. They entrusted our Events agency with the task of programming and managing the entire event, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

The client’s wish list included a plethora of activities, good music, delicious food, and a raffle draw, all set in an open space to create a festive ambiance.


Infusing the Chinese New Year with Unforgettable Memories and Magic

Our agency – Flagship Events enthusiastically embraced the client’s requirements, leaving no stone unturned in creating unforgettable Chinese New Year celebrations. Here’s how we brought the carnival to life:

1. Themed Outdoor Activity Area: We transformed the venue into a vibrant Chinese New Year wonderland adorned with lanterns, buntings, and banners. The outdoor activity area buzzed with entertainment, food trucks, and games, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in the festive spirit.

2. Captivating Performances: We curated a lineup of captivating performances, including a mesmerizing Lion Dance show, mind-boggling magic acts, and the comedic charm of a clown show. These performances added an extra dose of excitement and amusement to the evening.

3. Engaging Activities for All Ages: From a delightful soft play area for the little ones to engaging workshops for kids, including face painting and t-shirt tie-dye, we ensured there was something for everyone. Carnival-style activities such as Dart Game, Can Smash, ring a toss, and shooting games further enlivened the atmosphere.

4. High-Energy Sound and AV: Our expert sound and AV setup pumped the energy levels, ensuring every beat and melody resonated with the attendees. The lively music and impeccable audiovisuals kept the crowd in high spirits throughout the event.

5. Delicious Food and Raffle Draws: Food trucks from popular joints and stations were strategically arranged to offer a delightful culinary experience. To add an element of excitement, we organized raffle draws, adding a touch of anticipation and thrill to the festivities.

6. Delicious Food and Raffle Draws: A 360-degree photo booth with an automated arm for capturing the best angles provided attendees with a fun and interactive way to create unique content and instantly share their memo 

Carnival setup
event seating


The Lion Dance performance mesmerized the crowd with its vibrant colors and captivating acrobatics, and carnival-style games and activities brought laughter and friendly competition

360 degree camera


Unforgettable Memories

The Chinese New Year Carnival organized by our events agency in UAE was a hit. Attendees were left with hearts filled with joy, cherished memories, and a sense of community fostered through this delightful celebration. Bayanat and its guests were thoroughly delighted, and the event showcased our agency’s ability to deliver a memorable and engaging experience.

Are you ready to create impactful and memorable events? Contact our Events agency in the UAE, and let us bring your vision to life.

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